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OPEN CINEMA is a film studio for excluded communities. We coordinate an international network of community cinemas, a range of participatory filmmaking programmes, and make films for organisations advocating on issues of social or environmental importance.

“You need a bit of laughter and comedy in your life. People get down in the dumps and this cheers you up. It’s a good meeting point…some people come here because they have nowhere else to go.”

– John (OC Member at St. Patrick’s)


Since 2009 we have launched 45 film clubs in some of the most challenged communities in the UK and Ireland. These have welcomed over 14,500 individual admissions, over 19,000 volunteer-hours, and received over 200 experts from the film industry, from universities and companies in a dynamic range of fields. The filmmaking programmes have now produced 74 participatory and advocacy films.

Welcome to the new Foundation website. You can follow us via the links below, or get in touch on the Contact page, to find out how we can help achieve the goals of your community and advance the lives of your participants.