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  • In October 2015, Dr Clive James Nwonka (see Team) joined Open Cinema as its first Impact Director. In November, he presented a paper on Open Cinema at the Salford Media Festival.

    This paper develops the work - within a rigorously academic framework - of mapping the contours of our work as a catalyst for community development. More reports in this line of enquiry may be expected in 2016.

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  • In 2013, Open Cinema was invited by Homeless Link to contribute to an experts panel for Get Creative, their initative to increase understanding and access for homelessness organisations to the value of arts activities.

    With the other contributing organisations, including Streetwise Opera and Cafe Art, Open Cinema helped develop the methodology which informed the report, welcomed Get Creative project leaders to our workshops and offices, and promoted the initiative through our networks. The published report includes a case study on Open Cinema.

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  • Between May and July 2013, Open Cinema and the Open University partnered with Crisis Skylight in London to present a second OU Cinema season in collaboration with their members.

    Advances made in this pilot included the integration of short learning videos from the OU, and the availability of bursaried pathways into accredited further OU courses.

    The report was compiled by John Rose-Adams, manager of the OU's Centre for Inclusion and Collaborative Partnerships, under the supervision of Michala Robertson, OU Assistant Director of Widening Access and Success.

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  • This report summarises data collected from the first Open University Cinema pilot. This was a collaboration (ongoing as of August 2014) between Open Cinema and the Open University, delivered at SIFA Fireside, a support centre for street homeless people in central Birmingham.

    The OU Cinema model was designed to integrate learning content - presentations by OU lecturers with expertise in areas explored by the films - with a 12-week season of films selected by SIFA Fireside participants. The theme for the season which emerged from these selctions was technology.

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