Open Cinema


  • Big Issue Mar 6, 2008

    The auditorium of the Odeon West End is filling up quickly to the low hubbub of excited chatter. "I haven't been to the movies since 1979!" smiles Wayne as he takes a bite from a fairy cake he was given at the door. "I'm hoping to ask Mike Leigh a question. It's not something that happens every day, is it?"

  • Fay Schopen Apr 2, 2010

    Back at The Connection, Mr Graves conceded that he was “nervous” about showing his short film, but said he was an ardent supporter of the scheme: “Film is quite a bourgeois pursuit, but here you have people talking about things that are ... personal. You have to accept very genuine reactions from people who lead really hard lives.”
  • Variety Feb 8, 2008

    Ken Loach lived up to his maverick rep at a Feb. 6 screening for London’s homeless community at the Prince Charles cinema, Leicester Square. Loach was invited by London’s Open House Film Club (which screens movies for the needy) to introduce his ’60s classic on homelessness, “Cathy Come Home.”

  • Ben Wittenberg Dec 11, 2010

    As it was, I needn't have worried. My fears perhaps revealed more about my own preconceptions than anything else. Without exception, the films I watched were fantastic.

  • Inspirit Dec 12, 2010

    ...People who are homeless or marginalized need the benefits of culture as much as they need food.

  • Lizzie Green Feb 11, 2011

    Not only does Open Cinema pull out all the stops to offer clients the full cinema experience, with screenings chosen by participants, but they also run film workshops allowing members to develop valuable creative skills by making films which convey their own experiences.

  • The Film Programme Jan 21, 2011

    The audience is a mixture of local people, young and older, and a few film students and some groups from local support organizations. Also there is Christoph Warrack, from an organization called Open Cinema that arranges film club screenings around Britain...