Open Cinema

This Way Up 2018

Open Cinema was at the fifth This Way Up conference - we've only missed one - in Liverpool on 5-6 December to discuss the evolution of cinema, and how it can favour communities. 

There was an excellent, highly informed and entertaining presentation from Celluloid Junkie's Patrick von Sychowski, surveying big trends including 4D, the (fading?) US phenomenon of MoviePass, the advent of the £40 movie ticket (at the new Odeon Leicester Square), dynamic pricing and (of course) windows. 

In a fireside chat, Clare Binns, head of programming at Picturehouse, took flack on their living wage policy, while returning none (nor any statement at all on this).

There was a terrific and important session on carbon literacy for cinemas, with a best-in-class case study from the ever-groundbreaking Depot in Lewes. 

But our favourite presentation was from Tour de Cinemas (pictured), a two-person road trip across Europe to find the most creative grassroots solutions to dynamic local cinema. Watch that space for ideas on your community's. 

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