Open Cinema


The Foundation's spin-out technology company, Open Cinema International, has been at work since 2015 on a digital platform for cinema. 

We recognised and studied the deficiencies in the current model of cinema, which produces near-empty theatres projecting films with no basis in audience preference, with no social dimension, terrible food, expensive prices and inconvenient locations.

OCI is at work on fixing these problems, so that communities anywhere in the world can host licensed, high-quality cinemas in meaningful spaces, with full houses watching resonant films and a deep social layer to the experience. 

With funding from the Key Fund, Creative England and Screen Scotland, the company has built and tested two prototype CRMs - a customer, or in our case, *community* relationship management system. These enable venues to programme, license and promote screenings and seasons; customers to attend, rate and review screenings, and refer friends; and content owners and creators to engage with audiences and track the progress of their films.

OCI is now hiring new team members and raising its third investment round to further advance these developments, and help create a cinema fit for 21st Century communities. For more information, please email