Open Cinema

Building Scotland's Community Cinemap

At the 2016 Community Screen Forum (CSF; see previous blog post), colleagues from community cinema networks agreed that there needed to be better information-gathering by the sector, and a better idea of the landscape and potential of community cinema. 

Over the following year, representatives from North East Arts Touring, Driftwood Cinema, Indy Cinema Group and Open Cinema were convened by Creative Scotland, and a bid launched to Interface, which facilitates collaborations between research institutes and commercial or public sector organisations. The bid was successful! 

Work began, with researchers at the University of Aberdeen and software architects at the University of Aberdeen. Open Cinema was funded separately by Creative Scotland (now Screen Scotland) to create an API of its digital platform for community cinema. 

This July the first version saw the light of day, for now internally. We have mapped the locations and screening activity of 87 community and independent cinemas in Scotland. Once the project reaches the end of the funding period this September, project partners are seeking to develop the software into a listings app for community cinema in Scotland - something delegates at this year's CSF were also unanimous in calling for!

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